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Contributions At Work

How Valor RVA Supports Our Community's First Responders. 

Since its inception, Valor RVA has awarded over $500,000 in grants to support area First Responders.  We provide funding to First Responders and their families in times of crisis.  We fund educational and mental health training. And we award grants for safety equipment.  Here's a snapshot of our most recent funding allocations.

June 2024

Sponsored a Post Traumatic Growth Leadership Workshop for command staff employees to learn about Struggle Well Training and best practices for wellness programs.  The class was attended by 23 participants representing 17 local First Responder Agencies. 

Dec. 2023

Donated funds to the Hanover Sheriff's Office Foundation to assist with the medical bills of a Hanover Sheriff's Office employee who is battling cancer. 

Sept.  2023

Covered funeral expenses for a Chesterfield County Fire Captain who was killed in an automobile accident on his way to work. 

Mar. 2023

Co-funded the Annual Health Symposium presented by Richmond Professional Fire Fighters Association.  This symposium provided educational materials related to occupational cancer and mental health issues.

Feb. 2023

Donation to the family Trust for a fallen Chesterfield County Firefighter.  The Trust was established for the care and education of her two school-aged children. 

Jan. 2023

Funded multiple Struggle Well training sessions.  The two day training sessions are tailored specifically for First Responders.  The training provides tools to identify, manage and address mental health struggles and promote emotional well-being.  Co-funded with Boulder Crest Foundation, this grant provided training for over 415 local First Responders throughout 2023. 

Dec. 2022

Valor RVA contributed $5,000 to the Sergeant Guffy Healthcare Fund.  This fund paid medical bills of a Richmond Police Sergeant struggling with cancer. 

Dec. 2022

Awarded to the Richmond Ambulance Authority to purchase safety vests for its front line employees.

Sept. 2022

Awarded to Metro Richmond Flying Squad, a 501c3 that provides on-site support to responders when incidents require additional logistical supplies such as food and water. 

Jul. 2022

Allocated for the funeral costs of a fallen Chesterfield County Firefighter.  

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