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100 Club donations at work: RAA Safety Vests

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) responders deliver patient care in unpredictable environments. EMS calls often involve high-risk, high-stress, and highly variable situations. Unfortunately, this may include potentially exposing responders to violence. One measure of additional protection for EMS responders is to wear safety vests. In December 2021, The 100 Club RVA granted the Richmond Ambulance Authority $30,000 to assist with the purchase of safety vests for its first responders. The vests provide an additional safeguard in what can be volatile and unpredictable situations.

RAA responders shared photos of team members in the new vests, as well as a video expressing their gratitude for The 100 Club RVA’s support. Watch the short video below.

Thank you to all of The 100 Club RVA members who made this support possible. Your generosity is helping to protect our are EMS responders so that they can safely serve our community.

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